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Gazapost Exclusive: UAWC condemns, rejects Israeli ‘terrorist’ classification

Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)

Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)

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Doha Baker


The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) condemned on Saturday the Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz's decision to label the UAWC and Palestinian civil society organizations "terrorist organizations" under Israel's domestic counter-terrorism law of 2016, calling for international solidarity and concrete steps to ensure its repeal.


In an exclusive interview with Gaza Post Website ,Saad Ziada, the Director General of Support and Advocacy at the Agricultural Work Committees Foundation, commented on the decision of the Israeli Occupation Army's Minister of Defense to label six Palestinian human rights organizations as "terrorists."

Saad Ziada said, "This is a decision made by the occupation, which takes part in various forms of terrorism against our Palestinian people, and it is not far from the occupation because it will not add to the Palestinian people's suffering, so it pursues institutions that play their national and human rights role in supporting the violations of rights they represent, whether farmers or "fishermen, or our people who are subjected to various forms of oppression and violation.

He added, "The government has taken a series of actions against these institutions, or at least the majority of them, including shutting them down, prosecuting their personnel, arresting them, and blocking their operations. This decision was made just a few days ago."


"We as institutions monitor these violations, expose them, and support our Palestinian people in any way we can. As a result, we have a role to play in defending our rights, and the Israeli occupation considers anyone who defends Palestinian rights to be a threat. In Palestinian "society, human rights and their defense are important, he added.


"All of these measures culminated in yesterday's decision, and there are Israeli institutions that follow these institutions in an immoral and subjective manner. As a result, the problem is not new, and it represents the pinnacle of Israeli terrorism against these institutions."


The Union of Agricultural Work Committees concluded, "We followed what happened to us as an institution through the legal authorities, and this matter will be followed up on, but there must be coordination with all official and unofficial authorities on how to address this decision, and we as institutions work under Palestinian law, our plans are consistent with Palestinian plans in the authority of our work, so we will follow up on this."