Attack against Syrian army bus

14 people killed, several injured as Syrian army bus targeted in Damascus

Syrian army bus was targeted with explosive devices

Syrian army bus was targeted with explosive devices

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The state-run al-Ikhbariyah Syria television news network stated on Wednesday that 14 people were killed in the explosions happened when the bus was close to the Hafez al-Assad Bridge on.


It  images were showed of the charred cabin of the bus and rescue workers could be seen removing body parts.


The news channel added that the blasts occurred during rush hour when people were heading to work and school.


An army engineering crew defused a third explosive, according to the report.

The terrorist roadside bomb incident occurred about 6:45 a.m. local time, according to a military source who spoke on the condition of anonymity to Syria's official news agency SANA (0345 GMT).

He went on to say that the bus had two bomb devices attached to it.

There is yet to be a claim of responsibility for the horrific incident in Damascus' central district.


Later, Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad Khaled al-Rahmoun condemned the attack, saying that "terrorists have suffered setbacks in numerous sections of the Syrian land" in a statement carried by state television. Whoever coordinated this heinous act wanted to injure as many people as possible."


He said that “the perpetrators will be pursued and brought to justice. The campaign against terrorism will not be abandoned... and we will pursue the terrorists who committed the heinous crime wherever they might be.”


 Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy, leading to the emergence of Daesh and other terrorist groups in the Arab country since 2011.

The Syrian government has repeatedly condemned the United States and the European Union for waging economic terrorism against the country through unilateral sanctions, holding them responsible for the Syrian people's suffering, particularly now that the country is dealing with a deadly coronavirus outbreak.


Damascus has also been critical of the United Nations for keeping silent on the destructive role of the US and EU, among other parties supporting terrorism in Syria.