Six people were killed

What is Going on in Lebanon, Why Protesters Killed in Beirut? (VIDEO)

Lebanon Army

Lebanon Army

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On Thursday, at least six people were killed in Beirut by gunfire as protesters demanded the expulsion of the primary investigator into last year's docks blast. Hezbollah and Amal, two Shia Muslim groups, organized the event.

On the 14th of October, heavy gunfire was reported in Beirut's Tayouneh district, killing six people and gravely injuring at least 12 others.


Images of unidentified individuals carrying rifles and heavy armaments were broadcast on Lebanese television.


The protestors were targeted by gunfire as they drove through a traffic intersection along the border between Christian and Shia Muslim neighborhoods, according to the Lebanese Army.

The army ordered citizens to flee the area and warned that anyone firing live ammunition would be shot.


Najib Mikati, the Prime Minister, urged for calm and warned against provocateurs attempting to drag Lebanon back into its violent past. Between 1975 to 1990, a sectarian civil war raged in Lebanon, pitting Maronite Christians against Shia and Sunni Muslims, as well as their Palestinian and Druze allies.


Hezbollah and Amal also issued a joint statement on Thursday in which they called on "our supporters to stay calm and not to fall for malicious provocations” and warned that the attack on protesters was aimed at “plunging the country into a strife.”