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UNRWA receives vital payment of €92 million from EU

European Union

European Union

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"We remain resolved to help UNRWA both politically and financially, especially by offering long-term reliability," said Josep Borrell, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission.

The Agency is critical in providing necessary services to millions of Palestinian refugees while also helping to stabilize the region.


Our assistance to UNRWA is not simply humanitarian; it also contributes to the possibility of a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.


UNRWA's contributions to a viable negotiated two-State solution, including a fair, agreed-upon, and realistic solution to the refugee crisis, remain critical.


"The EU is a trustworthy and consistent partner, and a top donor to UNRWA," stated Olivér Várhelyi, EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement. In the region, UNRWA performs a stabilizing function. It must do so in the future, with a clear focus on its main mission. We will not overlook any obstacle in our search for innovative solutions to a long-term finance strategy."


"Others must rise to the occasion and join the EU and its member states in providing dependable multiyear funding. We will continue to engage with UNRWA to improve the Agency's governance processes and increase openness and accountability. We are also committed to promoting high-quality education for Palestinian youngsters and ensuring that educational materials meet UNESCO criteria "Added he.

This financing is part of the EU's yearly financial aid to UNRWA, and it will help to preserve basic living circumstances and encourage Palestinian refugees' human development by assuring the continuity of vital services within UNRWA's program budget (€90 million).


UNRWA is experiencing significant challenges in fulfilling its mandate due to recurrent financial shortfalls.


There is an urgent need for UNRWA to reform and to identify innovative ways to maintain the provision of services to the refugees.


The Commission supports UNRWA in taking forward these needed deep reforms. This is why €2 million (out of today's €92 million Contribution) has been earmarked for the implementation of a pilot action to improve the efficiency and quality of solid waste management in and around one refugee camp in the West Bank, to develop synergies and complementarities with the efforts of the Palestinian Authority.