detained a boy

Israeli soldiers arrest six Palestinians in Jerusalem: sources

Israeli forces arrested a boy

Israeli forces arrested a boy

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Five Palestinians, including two brothers, were arrested from their homes in Biddu village, northwest of occupied East Jerusalem on Monday before dawn, and twenty young men were summoned for interrogation.


Several occupation jeeps reportedly raided Biddu before soldiers assaulted and ransacked many residences, according to local sources.


The soldiers also kidnapped Majdi Mohammad Mansour, Khaled Mohammad Mansour, Amir Samir Sheikh, Mohammad Saleh Sheikh, and Mohammad Abed Ayyash, according to sources.


It's worth noting that soldiers killed five Palestinians near Jenin, in northern West Bank, on Sunday morning. Three were from Biddu town and were slain in the al-Ein region of Beit Anan adjacent town, and two were from Biddu town and were killed in the al-Ein area of Beit Anan nearby town.


After stopping him at a military barrier on Sunday night, Israelis abducted a young Palestinian guy from Arraba town, southwest of Jenin, and confiscated his automobile.