Cameron Herrin

Cameron Herrin on Arab girl's jacket comments: "Missed"

An Arab girl wears jacket of Cameron Herrin

An Arab girl wears jacket of Cameron Herrin

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Gaza post


An Arab girl posted on her account via the "Instagram" application a video clip showing her wearing a jacket with the eyes of "Cameron Herrin", who turned into a star, and the girls poured out comments defending him, despite the fact that he caused the death of a mother and her daughter during an illegal car race, and was sentenced to 24 years in prison.


The girl appeared in the video wearing a jacket with the eyes of the handsome criminal imprinted on it three times in three different colors, then wrote two phrases in English under it, including: "look at details and don't hear it from anyone".


When the video was published, the girl, who did not reveal her face to hide her identity, attached it to a song by the Saudi artist Rashid Al-Majed, "I'm Annoyed", which came in her words: "Finny and all of it I can't wait for my Shawqi Zayed... A reference to the state of sadness she feels after the decision to imprison Cameron Hearn.

After the video clip was circulated on the blogging site "Twitter", the tweeters unanimously expressed their dissatisfaction with him and the girl's behavior and that she announced her solidarity with a young man who caused the death of a woman and her daughter.


The tweets' comments ranged from upset about the way the girls interacted with the handsome criminal's case, and that they rely in their judgments on their feelings instead of their minds, claiming that they are "deficient in reason and religion." (as they say)

While one of the tweeters criticized putting the image of a criminal on the jacket, saying that it promotes a murderous criminal, and that it can reach to put pictures of criminals such as bandits as a machine gun on our clothes and promote their actions.


While a number of tweeters raised questions about the order of priorities in the case of girls' sympathy for "Cameron Hearn", this American young man, despite his crime, received great sympathy, only for his handsomeness, which prompted Arab activists to criticize the state of extreme obsession that appeared in the accounts of the girls, who showed Too much indiscipline.


Months ago, Cameron Hearn's face, and his trial clips, were the preoccupation of girls who were described as adolescents by some social media pioneers.


The young Cameron Hearn caused the death of a mother and her child in 2018, after he ran over them with his car at a speed of 160 km per hour, while racing with his car with a friend, in the streets of Tampa, Florida, USA.