Israeli Crimes

DRFM mourns five murdered Palestinians in Jerusalem, Jenin

Democratic Reformists within Fatah movement

Democratic Reformists within Fatah movement

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Democratic Reformists within Fatah movement paid condolences on Sunday five Palestinians ,who were assassinated by the occupation forces in Jerusalem and Jenin, and saluted the heroes who confronted the Israeli aggression in our proud bank, and wished a quick recovery for injuries who were injured while defending our land and people.


The movement stated in a statement that the occupation and his policy of aggression against our people, through daily incursions, assassinations, arrests, house demolitions, land confiscation and settlement expansion, establishes the coming decades of bloody conflict, and that it constantly denies the rights of our people will never enjoy security and stability, and that generations our successive people will continue to struggle until the occupier is defeated.

 Democratic Reformists within Fatah movement called on the forces of our people to unite politically and on the ground, and to collectively face the occupation policies and its crimes.

DRFM also called on the Palestinian Authority to immediately implement the decisions of the National and Central Councils that call for stopping dealing with the occupation and ending security coordination with its intelligence.