‘crucified daily’

Norwegian church says Palestinians are ‘crucified daily’ in exhibition

Protesters in Norway

Protesters in Norway

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A photo exhibition from the West Bank is being organized by several church groups in Norway, and it will be presented in a cathedral whose text indicates that Palestinians face "daily crucifixions."

The display, which has sparked outrage from Norway's Jewish community and a pro-Israel organisation, is part of Church Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel, an annual event that takes place across the country and has in the past included calls for a boycott of Israel.


“The ‘Church Week,' with its one-sidedness and demonization of one party, has been problematic,” Ervin Kohn, the leader of Oslo's Jewish Community, wrote on Facebook on Thursday. He went on to say, "This year's event is sinking even lower."


He went on to say that the exhibition's description is "the most problematic" because it invokes a centuries-old strain of Christian antisemitism that blames Jews for Jesus' crucifixion.


According to the exhibition text, the West Bank is under divine "protection." “Last but not least, when we look at the people, this becomes evident. Those who live with everyday ‘crucifixions' yet nevertheless stay,” runs the exhibition's text, which opened on September 9 and will close on Sunday.

A prayer for the destruction of Israel's security barrier, which the priest leading the prayer described as "a wall used for murder," was part of the 2015 Church Week.
MIFF, a pro-Israel organisation in Norway, said in a statement on Wednesday that the exhibition's description said, "The Palestinians are Jesus." The show is at Bergen Cathedral, roughly 150 miles west of Oslo. 


The Interchurch Council of the Church of Norway and Norwegian Church Aid, two of the event's organizers, have yet to react to a request for comment from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.