Israeli crimes

IOF detains Palestinian man after killing, detaining his family

A Palestinian mother hugged her son

A Palestinian mother hugged her son

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The Israeli occupation apprehended Muhammad Barghouthi (20), the son of slain Omar Barghouthi, on Saturday. Muhammad's brother Saleh was killed by the Israeli occupation, while Muhammad's brother Assem has been imprisoned since 2020 and sentenced to four life terms.


Muhammad's mother claimed that a large number of Israeli soldiers broke into the family's home and arrested her son before transporting him to an unknown location.

“An officer told her, 'You've brought up saboteurs.' Yes, I said, and I'm glad I did. He stated, "I was created to ruin your lives." I told her, "Keep dreaming, you'll never ruin our lives." Each of us is aware of what he is doing. You'll never mess up our lives, and you can't hurt a fly”.


“When I'm finished with your sons, I'll start doing this to your grandsons,” he said. I told her to keep dreaming. So you're proud of the large occupation you've brought with you? You've been defeated by a spoon!”


According to local sources, violent clashes erupted in Birzeit and Kobar during the Israeli raid to apprehend Muhammad.