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COVID_19: 21 deaths, 1492 new cases recorded in Palestine in 24 hours

COVID_19 in Palestine

COVID_19 in Palestine

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Gaza post   

In their daily Pandemic Report in Palestine today, Minister of Health Mai Alkaila said COVID 19 fatalities had been recorded in Palestine in the last 24 hours in 1492 new cases.

She says there were 13 of the West Bank deaths, confirming 262 new cases and recovering 711 patients.

There were 8 deaths, 732 new cases and 950 recoveries in the Gaza Strip
East Jerusalem has reported 498 new and 116 rehabilitations.      

190, according to Alkaila COVID-19 patients are currently being treated in hospitals, with 73 in intensive care and 17 on ventilators.

In the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a total of 1,358,918 people have been immunized against the coronavirus, with 675,119 receiving a second dose.