'The Beat Never Goes Off'

OG rapper Tamer Nafar of Palestine drops 'The Beat Never Goes Off' (VIDEO)

Tamer Nafar

Tamer Nafar

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From the hip hop scene, the popular hip hop MC, award-winning actor, film writer, and activist Tamer Nafar, comes straight out 'The Beat Never Goes Off' from Palestine. Tamer is the first Palestinian rapper to ever beat down his inflammatory, first English-language solo cut, which included 12 years of Gaza-based rap prodigy MC Abdul and Palestinian singing songwriter and internet sensation Noel Kharman's hauntingly beautiful vocals.


The tracks are accompanied by a graceful, exhilarating video of the Palestinian director Micheal Zananiri that looks after MC Abdul, a talented rapper from Gaza, who shows him a stunning look to bless the sound in his glorious voice. Each trio has unbelievable stories and has more than 120 million views worldwide.

The result is an energy-defying hip-hop banger with the lyrics "That was an attack on the gas tank, against Palestine's background." No heart attack. Never heart attack. Because the beat doesn't go away."


'The Beats Never Goes Off' shows that hip hop in Palestine, despite the difficulties and struggles, is alive and good.

This exhilarating hip hop anthem, which showcases its sick and lyrical flow, was written and co-produced by Tame Nafar. Tamer reached MC Abdul, a child of MC who first became a virus after Intifada at the age of nine. The track already reaches influential ears worldwide by energy and atmosphere, clever Western cultural references and humour, with the support of prominent Palestinians such as DJ Khalid and Gigi Hadid.


The first Palestinian rapper and founding fighter at the state's original Dapm rap crew who rap in Arabic, Hebrew and English, Tamer Nafar is a pioneer for the Arab hip-hop in Middle East. "I knew my life would change when I heard rap as a teen for the first time. When I heard the nine-year-old MC Abdul rapp from Gaza, I got the same feeling. He took me the pen, wrote the song, recorded it and sent it to him, requesting a feature. I knew I wanted to add some Arabic vox to the amazing Noel Kharman during the show. 


The result doesn't sound as though we had planned it. It began as a sad song, but everybody's energy made us think that the Middle East isn't only about death and wars, we're still here... Beat never goes off. Beat never goes off."

Unable to leave Gaza, the young MC Abdul projected him on a wall behind Tamer, video director Michael Zananiri, explained how the concept "It was a challenging video... how do we take two artists on a screen, when they have walls between them?" They live within 30 minutes, but cannot meet and I just wanted to make a split screen.The main thing that I can think of was to project Abdul on the wall near Tamer to just feel that music and video can dream that we are bigger than walls." This is a project of unity and hip hop."