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UN: 70 children among 568 Palestinians harmed by IOF in two weeks

Israeli soldiers attack a Palestinian kid

Israeli soldiers attack a Palestinian kid

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Israeli occupation forces harmed 568 Palestinians, including 73 children, in the West Bank from 7 to 20 September according to the biwoweekly Report on Civil Protection published by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the Palestinian Occupied Territory.


320 were injured, including 290 in Beita villages and 30 in Beit Dajan, during the protests against settler operations in the governorate of Nablus.


The on-going Beita protests saw the shooting of a 28-Year-old man and a father of an 8-month old child and the killing of Israel's army snivership, increasing to eight in August in the anti-settlement Beita protests the overall number of Palestinians murdered by Israeli occupying forces.

The total of six of the Palestinians injured were shot with live ammunt, 138 were struck with rubber bullets, three were assaulted or struck by a tear gascanister, and the rest were treated for inhalation of teargas, the OCHA report said.


In addition, 46 Palestinians were wounded either while running off Israel or under unverifiable circumstances, in the town of Beita and Nablus, in addition to the 568 who were directly injured by Israeli forces.


OCHA stated that over 55 of the above-mentioned injuries were being tear-gasted in six schools by Israeli forces. Israelis shot tear gas canister in a school complex in the Israeli controlled H2 area of the City of Hebron, six students and 46 teachers were treated for inhaling lacrimogical gas, and the gas intensity in the three schools resulted in the evacuation.


In another incident where clashes occurred, Israeli forces also fired tear gas canisters in one school yards in Anata, north-eastern Jerusalem, 2 girls and one teacher were hospitalized and the classes suspended for the rest of the day, affecting over 500 students.


The Israeli forces have carried out 90 arrest and investigation operations and during the reporting period have arrested 99 Palestinians throughout the West Bank, OCHA said. In Hebron and Bethlehem the majority of the operations were held.


Meanwhile, during the two-week period reported by the UN, the Israeli settlers wounded a Palestinian boy and vandalized trees and damaged homes and vehicles across West Bank. The boy, 16, was attacked in the H2 district of Hebron physically.