AIPAC angry at removal of $1bn Israel military aid from US spending bill: Report

AIPAC members

AIPAC members

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The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) denounced the removal of $1 billion in military aid earmarked for Israel from the US government's spending plan yesterday.


The article linked to the military money for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system was removed by the US House of Representatives after a number of progressive Democrats threatened to block the bill's passage.


Angry, AIPAC retweeted: "Congress extremists are playing politics with Israeli and Palestinian lives."




"Calls to cut financing for a lifesaving defensive system are an affront to our values, threaten greater violence, and run opposite to Biden's commitment, which is endorsed by Congressional leadership."


According to the Israel lobbying group: "It's as simple as that: Iron Dome saves lives. Blocking money for Iron Dome aids terrorists in their killing of civilians."



During Israel's latest attack on Gaza, the occupation army launched around 4,500 Iron Dome missiles to intercept rockets launched from Gaza. According to a US Congressional Research Service report last year, the US has already paid more than $1.6 billion to Israel for the development and construction of the Iron Dome system. The money underscores Democrats' and Republicans' long-standing support for aid to Israel. Meanwhile, Gaza has no defense mechanism against Israel's most advanced bombs, which were dropped on homes and civilians during the most recent war, killing 260 people, including more than 65 children.