Legendary epic

DRFM: "Fleeing from Gilboa prison is legendary epic"

Ghassan Gadallah

Ghassan Gadallah

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Leader of the democratic Reformists within Fatah movement , Ghassan Jadallah, stated on Sunday in a press statement that the experience of (Freedom Tunnel), which was done by six Palestinian men proved a legendary epic that began with a spoon in a cold cell to end in fields, hills and slopes of Palestine.



Gadallah asserted that this operation proved the prisoner's issue is still the priority of our people, and that this national support is a source of pride for all Palestinian people.


Regardless of the results of this heroic event, these heroes knocked on the walls of the tank forcefully and put again the responsibility for their liberation and the dignity of their families, and to carry their cause on the shoulders of every free and honorable person in our homeland.