"The occupation try to shoot us"

Ayham Kamamji: "My wish was to visit my mother’s grave ,but I couldn’t”

Ayham Kamamji

Ayham Kamamji

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Ayham Kamamji is one of Gilboa prison breakers who was arrested this morning, told his lawyer more details about the 13 days of freedom, in which he and Munadel Infei’at were being hunted by Israeli forces.




Kamamji stated that to his lawyer that they were shot by Israeli forces twice; the first near Al Affoulah, while the other near Fathat Salem near Jenin. However, they were not hit in both cases.




He said that Israeli soldiers were very close to them in Al Affoulah but they hid in the grass.




“I felt like I was in paradise when I entered Jenin on the third day of our escape. My only wish was to visit my mother’s grave but I couldn’t”, he added.



Kamamji stated that he entered Jenin on September 9th, then after six days, he met Infei’at in Jenin.




He concluded that he was tortured during his arrest by Israeli special forces.

Israeli forces rearrested Kamamji and Infei’at from a house in eastern Jenin on the early morning of Sunday.