Six prisoners will be part of the swap deal

Hamas comments on two prisoners' re-arrest in Jenin: sources

The last two fleeing Palestinian prisoners

The last two fleeing Palestinian prisoners

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Leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) ,Dr. Ismail Radwan, stated in a press statement on Sunday that  the re - arrest of the heroes of the tunnel of freedom, will not change the fact something, that the six heroes carried out the heroic quality, and wrested their freedom from the most heavily guarded Gilboa prison.


Radwan added that  the six prisoners dealt a severe blow to the occupation security system, and stressed the fragility of this entity.


Radwan said, "History will record  this heroic operation for the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel, and that the resistance will stand beside them, as what was confirmed by the leadership of Hamas and the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades and the Resistance that they will be at the head of any upcoming prisoner exchange deal."


The Hamas leader concluded by saluting the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel, the brave prisoners and the Palestinian people who united behind the prisoners' cause, and the prisoners' issue will remain a priority.