"I had a jar of honey for you"

Prisoner Mahmoud AlArda sends message to his mother

Mahmoud Al Arda and his mother

Mahmoud Al Arda and his mother

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Prisoner, Mahmoud Al-Ardah, sent on Friday a letter to his mother through the Prisoners' Authority's lawyer, Raslan Mahajna, in which he stated:


" After salute and greetings, I tried to come and hug you my mother although Allah has destined for us otherwise and you have left us from this life.

You are in my heart and conscious and I want to notify you that I ate figs, cactus fruit and pomegranate. I also ate sumac and wild sage. I ate guava since the last time was 25 years, and I had in my sleeve a jar of honey, a gift to you. My regards to my dear sisters, Basimah, Ruba, Khitam, and Saedah. All the brothers oh I miss them dearly. 

I breathed the liberty and we saw the life has changed, I climbed the mountains of Palestine for long hours, we passed by the wide valleys, and I knew that the Arrabah valley is my country, a small piece of Bisan vallies and Naserah. Peace to all my friends and family. Peace to the daughter of my friend, Avihat, the one that I wore her socks and crossed mountains. Peace to Abdullah, Hadeel, Yousef, Ridad's wife, and the entire family. Sarah, Rahaf, Ghada, Mohamad, and my special salutations to Huda, I miss her so dearly and I will send her all the story and the tale."


Your son, Mahmoud AlArda