Will buy nuclear arm directly from Pakistan

Gantz warns Iran & Hamas, pledges not to dismantle any settlement

Benny Gantz

Benny Gantz

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Gaza post


Israeli occupation Minister Benny Gantz vowed to keep West Bank settlements, accusing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of clinging to the 1967 borders. He also promised to retaliate if Gaza was attacked. He stated that if Iran has nuclear weapons, Israel reserves the right to take military action against it.

Israeli media stated that Gantz said that Israel can accept a return to the nuclear agreement with Iran, but Israeli officials are trying to pressure the United States if negotiations with Tehran fail.


The sources clarified that the statements made by Gantz during an interview last week reflect a shift in Israeli policy, which during the tenure of Benjamin Netanyahu opposed the nuclear agreement signed by the United States and other countries with Iran in 2015, and has been working to undermine it.


Former President Donald Trump quit the nuclear agreement in 2018, but the Biden administration has indicated a willingness to negotiate, despite reports that Iran has enough enriched uranium to produce a nuclear bomb.


When asked about the Biden administration's efforts to return to the agreement with Iran, Gantz replied, "I accept the current US approach to containing the Iranian nuclear program." 

He added that Israel wants to see an "alternative and viable American plan", which includes economic pressures in case the negotiations fail, and he alluded to an Israeli "Plan C" that includes a military operation.


Gantz estimated that Iran had two or three months to obtain the materials and capabilities to produce one nuclear bomb. Iran has increased its nuclear efforts since the United States exited the agreement, despite the so-called "maximum pressure" campaign, which included economic sanctions and sabotage. 


Gantz doubts the ability of diplomacy to stop Iran’s progress, and gave an explanation of the Israeli position, which is based on a “viable plan: political, diplomatic, and economic sanctions on Tehran imposed by the United States, Europe, Russia, and specifically China,” stressing that “Israel has no ability to implement a plan B.” We cannot organize an economic sanctions regime, that must be led by the United States." 


"At the same time, Israel is preparing its own measures to stop Iran's nuclear progress, and if necessary, we will get there, and we are not America, but we have our capabilities," Gantz said.


He warned of a nuclear arms race in the region if Iran could cross the nuclear bomb line. He said, "Other countries will not sit silently," and "we will buy it directly from Pakistan or any party available."