Gaza Under Attack

IOF fighter jets target sites in Gaza (VIDEO)

Gaza under fire

Gaza under fire

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After clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters along the border in eastern Gaza, the Israeli occupation jets  hit multiple locations of  Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli fighter planes attacked four Hamas weapons and storage manufacturing sites early Sunday morning, according to the occupation news.


Among the areas targeted were the Nuseirat region in Gaza's center part and the Al-Shati Camp in the coastal region.


The Gaza Health Ministry stated on Saturday that 41 demonstrators were injured by live ammunition, including 22 children, and two of them are in critical condition.


According to the Ministry of Health, one of the two Palestinians badly injured was a 13-year-old child who was shot in the head. The majority of the other injuries were categorized as moderate, including gunshot wounds to the limbs, backs, and abdomens.




Until now the third holiest site in Islam is the  Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque.

In 1969, a fanatic man began a fire and destroyed parts of the mosque to become the 52 anniversary of this accident.


 Clashes on Saturday were the most violent since the end of the weekly "March of Return" that was organized near the border between eastern Gaza Strip and Israeli occupation.

The demonstrations ended in 2019 after Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations signed an agreement between Israeli occupation and Hamas, where the occupation agreed to relax its blockade.