Palestinian Prisoners

Palestine rights group states IOF tortures female prisoners

Palestine rights group states IOF tortures female prisoners

Palestinian march solidarity with female prisoners

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The Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs announced on Thursday that Israeli occupation "tortures and abuses" female Palestinian prisoners in Damon jail, northern Israel.



The commission clarified in a report that the 40 female Palestinian detainees in Damon jail are facing "brutal detention and interrogation conditions" and are "subjected to all methods of psychological torture and deprivation of the most basic life necessities."




According to the report, the testimony of prisoner Mona Qaadan, 50, from the Jenin governorate in northern West Bank, who has been arrested for nearly three months.


Qaadan was continuously interrogated for 22 days, from 8:30 am until 4 am the next day as well as she was arrested for the sixth time and has spent a total of eight years in Israeli jails according to the commission.






"She remained handcuffed with iron handcuffs to the back, attached to a chair and was subjected to obscenities, insults and threats to arrest all her family, including her brother Tariq, who was actually arrested later during the [interrogation sessions]" the report stated.




 Qaadan described her arrest cell as: "Full of damp and smelly, sometimes cold and sometimes hot, they (the jailers) controlled the room's temperature, and although I asked for cleaning materials several times, they refused.", according to the report.


Israeli occupation forces detains around 4,850 Palestinians, including 225 children and 540 administrative prisoners.

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