Time-traveller from year 5000

(VIDEO) ‘Time-traveller from year 5000’ has photographic proof of apocalypse

(VIDEO) ‘Time-traveller from year 5000’ has photographic proof of apocalypse

Time-traveller from year 5000 proof

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A man who claims to be a time traveller from the year 5000 claims to have photographic proof that the end of the world is approaching.


Edward, the man, told ApexTV about how he took part in a time-traveling experiment in 2004 and was sent 3,000 years into the future. He was purportedly working in a Los Angeles lab at the time when he was given the task of traveling to the future and photographing what he observed.


He told the Daily Star that he was greeted by an entire city buried underwater in a surprising and, dare we say, astonishing turn of events. His face has been blurred and his voice has been modified to protect his identity during his interview with ApexTV.


“I will tell you a story that will amaze you and leave you speechless,” he stated.
“I looked to be able to ‘place.' It was incredible.”

“I was on a massive wooden platform. Not only myself, but houses and buildings are all constructed of wood. After that, I realized it was the same city, Los Angeles, except this time it was underwater.”

The 'time-traveller' wasn't alone, as he claimed to have met a man along the way. The ‘post-apocalyptic' flood was caused by global warming, according to the mystery man.


“It was all due to global warming.” “The world fell under the water when pieces of ice in both poles saw that enough had been melted,” he claimed. “The flood occurred as a result of an excessive amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, which gradually destroyed the natural shield zone.”


This isn't the first time that ludicrous time-travel claims have surfaced. @futuretimetraveller, a TikToker who claims to be from the year 2491, says he's on TikTok to keep you up to date on "everything that is to come." His movies delve into the world of extraterrestrials, including odd claims that they are planning a battle with humanity.


“Time travel like that is only found in literature and movies.

NASA stated, “We can’t use a time machine to travel hundreds of years into the past or future.

“However, the math of time travel has an impact on items we use every day, such as GPS satellites.”

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