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116 academics call on EU to stop funding Israeli universities

116 academics call on EU to stop funding Israeli universities

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160 academics from 21 countries have signed an open letter urging the European Commission to prohibit Israeli colleges that support the country's apartheid policies and human rights breaches from receiving financing from an EU program worth more than $100 billion.

The group targeted Horizon 2020, the EU's largest research and innovation program for Israel. The project, which is more than seven years old, is believed to have a budget of more than $112 billion from now until 2027.

The group recognized in its letter to the Commission that the EU had already adopted a "principled position" in its Horizon 2020 financing criteria by barring the provision of cash to Israeli firms located in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, or for research conducted there.

"This is a principled view, consistent with international law and human rights," the letter stated. "Israeli entities operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and erected on Palestinian territory are structurally complicit in war crimes and human rights violations."

The professors said that while the EU approach is admirable, it is no longer sufficient and bears no similarity to the contemporary reality of Israel's occupation

The essence of the problem extends beyond the Occupied Palestinian Territory," the group concluded, citing widespread agreement among key human rights organizations that Israel is committing apartheid inside the Green Line.
"It is critical to expand the prohibition of European research grants to include Israeli institutions engaged in Israel's violations of Palestinian human rights, regardless of their location," the organization argued.

The 116 academics join a long list of other universities that have called for a boycott of Israel. A UCLA faculty member called for a boycott of Israel earlier this month. In May, 400 New York University (NYU) affiliates signed a statement demanding that the NYU Tel Aviv campus be "non-cooperative."

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