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Iran detains group spying for Israel's Mossad

Iran detains group spying for Israel's Mossad


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Iranian security forces have detained on Tuesday members of a network of agents working for Israeli occupation and have seized a stash of weapons destined for use in recent protests over the country's water shortages, local media reported.

After nearly two weeks of protests over water shortages, especially in the Islamic Republic's southwest area, which escalated into political rioting and expanded to other parts of the country, the announcement was made.

Local authorities have accused armed separatists of provoking violence during the street protests, while human rights organizations claim that security personnel fired on the demonstrators.

Official Israeli media also quoted a Mossad official as saying, "Mossad operatives wanted to utilize the equipment in urban riots and assassinations," without providing any information.

The recovered ammunition includes handguns, hand grenades, rifles, and ammo, according to the unidentified official: "Some of these are used to cause conflicts during protests."

The Israeli authorities have yet to respond to the revelation that reveals Israeli intelligence actions on Iranian soil, especially after multiple incidences have been linked by Israeli occupation.
 Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated days after he was first targeted in Iran's eastern city of Damavand, in late 2020.

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