Abu Hasna: UNRWA's financial deficit reached $100 million

Abu Hasna: UNRWA's financial deficit reached $100 million


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Media Adviser of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA),Adnan Abu Hasna, announced on Tuesday that the UNRWA Commissioner-General’s announcement to reduce UNRWA’s financial budget deficit from $150 million to $100 million does not mean the end of the crisis.


Besides, the deficit and the lack of commitment of donors to pay their confirmed donations According to its dates, it will affect the salaries of employees for the month of September, adding: "We are not saying that we will not pay the salaries of September, but the financial deficit may affect salaries.



Abu Hasna reported in a press statement that the reason for reducing the financial deficit to 100 million dollars is due to the United States providing assistance estimated at 138 million dollars.


However the crisis continues due to the large number of UNRWA commitments and services provided after the Covid-19 pandemic.


And he added, "While the latest US announcement brings some reassurance, the agency's financial position and cash flow under the program budget remain critical and force us to rely on month-to-month incomes."


 He continued, "With the announcement of the new US donation last week, the estimated deficit until the end of the year, within the framework of the program budget, will decrease from $150 million to nearly $100 million,".



He noted that "UNRWA communicates extensively with donors to ensure the disbursement of planned donations." Which will contribute to stabilizing our ability to pay the September payroll on time as this will depend on the timely disbursement of confirmed donations over the next two months.”


Abu Hasna clarified that there are contacts to increase donors, and there is an international conference that may be held next October, where UNRWA will present its vision and services, and will demand contracts over the years from donor countries.


Abu Hasna concluded that the US administration has urged many countries to provide aid, but Arab support has declined and efforts are being made to resume support at the levels it was in.

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