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A 'Terrorist' Jewish MK calls Arab colleague in the Knesset

A 'Terrorist' Jewish MK calls Arab colleague in the Knesset

Israeli Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir

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Far-right  stated that Israeli MK Itamar Ben Gvir labeled his Arab colleague Ahmad Tibi a "terrorist" while chairing a Knesset session yesterday night according to local media.

When Ben Gvir walked to the plenum and addressed Jewish MKs respectfully, but ignored the session's Deputy Speaker Tibi, they were engaged in a debate regarding the coronavirus.


According to the Times of Israel, Tibi insisted that Ben Gvir call him as "Mr Deputy Speaker," as is customary in the Knesset.

"You are a terrorist, not a gentleman or a gentleman. You should be in Syria's Knesset, not here "Ben Gvir was the one who responded. Tibi then ordered Ben Gvir to be escorted out of the Knesset Hall by the Knesset Guard.


Ben Gvir resumed his attack on the Arab MK after leaving the Knesset, claiming, "Ahmad Tibi is a terrorist who handed security personnel instructions contrary to his authority."

"This will not pass gently," he said, vowing to exact vengeance.


Ben Gvir said that the Knesset's regulations do not require him to address Tibi as 'Mr,' and vowed to remove the Arab MK from his position as deputy speaker for what he called his misuse of power.

"This is ugly, aggressive, and racist behavior that must be stopped," Tibi said in a statement, adding that the subject would be taken before the Knesset Ethics Committee.

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