Fruit Flies

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies without Vinegar?

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies without Vinegar?

Fruit Flies

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Using vinegar is arguably the most popular method for getting rid of fruit flies — because it works! Most techniques involve pouring a little white or apple cider vinegar into a glass, using a piece of paper to create a cone shape, then placing that on top like a funnel (just be sure the bottom doesn’t dip into the vinegar).


Some people prefer to cover the glass with plastic cling wrap and poke a few holes into it.

Either way, the paper or plastic acts as a barrier which allows the fruit flies to enter the vinegar pool, but also make it difficult for them to find their way back out again.


To make this even more effective, you can add a few drops of dish soap to the vinegar.

The soap will break the surface tension on the liquid, making it more likely that the flies will fully submerge and drown in the vinegar rather than just get a little wet and go back about their merry way.


How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies without Vinegar
If you don’t have any vinegar on hand (or maybe you just really hate the smell of it), there are other options. For example, you ca follow the exact same trap technique outlined above with a cup and paper or cling wrap, but use scraps of fruit or veggies to lure the bugs instead. A single slice of banana or even the peel you’d usually toss out will get the job done.


The fruit flies will be tempted by the sweet treat and find it hard to make their way out again. This method might not kill them, but it should tucker them out long enough for you to dispose of them.

Chowhound also recommends tying a mixture of yeast, sugar, and water to attract flies to the bottom of a glass. Once it’s all blended together, you can also add a few drops of dish soap to break that surface tension and get them to really sink.

Hydrogen peroxide can also kill fruit flies, eggs, and larvae to be sure to ward off future generations of annoying pests hanging around your home. According to Arceneaux Pest Management Service, it’s especially effective for cleaning out any drains or garbage disposals where they might be hiding out. Pour enough down the drain until you see it start to bubble and foam.


You can also make a spray with one part hydrogen peroxide and three parts water to spritz around your plants to get rid of fruit flies and gnats lingering around them.

Hopefully all of this advice will add up to all of us enjoying summer (and the rest of the year) without any fruit flies buzzing around! And if you’re looking for ways to get rid of other pests, check out our list of plants that ward off mosquitos and other tips for naturally getting rid of bugs around your yard and home.

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