IOF injured at least 981 Palestinians

IOF injures 1000 Palestinians, including 133 children & detains 134, including 6 children in 2 weeks

Israeli crimes

Israeli crimes

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In clashes across the West Bank during the first two weeks of July, Israeli occupation forces injured at least 981 Palestinians, including 133 children, and conducted 163 search-and-arrest operations, detaining 134 Palestinians, including six children. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs' (OCHA) Protection of Civilians report for the period of 29 June to 12 July.


892 people were injured in Nablus governorate, mostly in daily rallies against Israeli settlement development in Beita and Osarin villages.


In total, 36 Palestinians were shot with live ammunition, 214 with rubber bullets, and the rest were mostly hospitalized for tear gas inhalation or assaulted physically. Aside from the 981 people hurt directly by Israeli troops, 58 people were injured in Beita and Osarin while fleeing Israeli forces or in circumstances that could not be substantiated.


Most of the 163 search-and-detain operations were in Nablus, followed by Hebron and East Jerusalem, while the rest were across other governorates.

According to OCHA, Israeli police summoned a nine-year-old Palestinian kid for interrogation in the Old City of Jerusalem on July 4 for unknown reasons.

At least 65 Palestinian youngsters have been detained by Israeli occupation forces in East Jerusalem since mid-April. In the month of June alone, more than half of these children were arrested.


On the 3rd of July, Israeli settlers supported by soldiers raided Qusra hamlet, near Nablus, and clashed with Palestinian inhabitants, killing a 21-year-old Palestinian man. Israeli settlers and Palestinian neighbors threw stones at one other, and after the Palestinian was shot, settlers assaulted him, according to local sources.


It is worth noting that, Israeli settlers injured nine Palestinians, including four children and two women, by physically assaulting them, throwing stones at them, or spraying pepper towards them. Six of those injured were in the H2 area of Hebron, two in Maghayir al Abeed, one in Tuba (all in Hebron), and one in Kisan (Bethlehem). Across the West Bank, and during the reporting period, Israeli settlers damaged at least 1,120 trees or saplings, at least five vehicles, as well as electric poles, fences and other Palestinian property, said OCHA.