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Israel police question ex-Arab MK over old Facebook posts

Heba Yazbak

Heba Yazbak

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Heba Yazbak, a former Arab member of Israel's Knesset, was detained by Israeli police Wednesday on suspicion of incitement in Facebook posts dating back to 2015.

The charges stem from posts made by the former MK when she was out of office, between 2015 and 2017.



According to Ynet News, Yazbak denounced the inquiry as "political and illegitimate," claiming that the posts in question had already been "examined at the Supreme Court."

Yazbak's inquiry was carried out with the approval of the Public Prosecutor and with the help of the Northern District Public Prosecutor's Office, according to Israeli police.



Yazbak was previously chastised for a 2015 Facebook post in which she lauded Samir Kuntar, a Lebanese rebel who spent 30 years in an Israeli prison for murder. In another post, she praised the completion of Amir Makhoul's nine-year sentence for sending over sensitive material to Lebanon's Hezbollah.


Yazbak was also chastised for remarks that some saw as advocating violence against Israeli occupation troops.

Yazbak was an MK in 2019-2020, however she was not re-elected in March 2021 since she was seventh on the Balad slate, which only gained six seats in the election.