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Watch when IOF missiles assassinate dreams not only children (VIDEO)

Watch when IOF missiles assassinate dreams not only children (VIDEO)

Child Saleh Hamid

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Gaza post


Last May 11th was not a normal day for Hamid's family ,when a father and his children are both hurt ,the tragedy becomes two tragedies. However, the unthinkable occurred on their way there. Hamid's children, "Mohammed, Malik, Saleh," take modest steps alongside him.

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They may be aware that something terrible is about to occur ,they turned around when they heard bombs and missiles from occupation warplanes in the street where they were walking in the Shujaiya area left and right ,but the father and his children fell to the ground with force from the intensity of the bombing.


As the smoke spread over the region, Hamid heard one of his children yell, "Baba, help me, Baba!" He began crawling on his hands and knees, following his son's voice, and along the route, he encountered his two children, "Mohammed, Malik," whom he reassured, but when he reached his son, Saleh ,he covered his face with his hands to surprise of what he saw, his child laying on the ground, covered in his blood.

He went to check on Saleh and was stunned once more when he saw his son's leg "cut off" on the ground, as well as wounds on his face and hand.



"My son Saleh is dying, people of the right," he shouted.

He had no idea he was hurt, but his appeal for help was answered quickly, and he became a caller on the one who rescued him and his son after he was injured in his foot and hand.


"I was injured from the bombing, but I did not feel anything," says Ahmed Hamid, a resident of Al-Shujaiya, "but I was surprised that all of my hands were bone and my feet were shrapnel and bleeding from blood. The last thing I remembered that Saleh told me "Dad call the ambulance" after that, I fainted. I could not bear watching my son's like that."


"Because I did not know that we would be able to catch up to save my son or not.”


He went on to say that medical personnel came straight to the bombing site to pick him and his children up, as well as many of the injured on the street, until he awoke in Al-Shifa Hospital receiving treatment with his children, explaining that his son Saleh had his right foot amputated that made him walk on one foot ,and Hamid explained that the Israeli occupation had destroyed his children's joy ,who were preparing to welcome the first day of Eid al-Fitr, as they were unable to wear their new clothes due to the bombing, as well as he and his son Saleh were in the hospital, and the rest of his family had been displaced from their home.

He explained , "Saleh enjoys playing, having fun, and participating in sports, particularly football, running, and swimming , adding, we used to take him to the beach often every week to swim and play, but the Israeli occupation took away everything Saleh loved and crushed all of his aspirations, which he had always hoped to realize in the future."

"Last week I went with my family to the sea, and Saleh was with us, and his brothers swam, and of course he did not swim because the wound was not fused, so he cried that he did not able to do something," Hamid confirmed.

Besides, he said that his siblings and cousins are doing their best to make up for what he's lost by sitting with him and playing some light games that don't weary him or affect him, but there are still marks of pain and sadness on his face.


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