Hamas sends clear message to the Zionist regime

Hamas sends clear message to the Zionist regime


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Gaza post


Following a meeting with leaders of Palestinian resistance factions on Tuesday, the Hamas Movement issued a strongly worded statement on the continued Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip and the UN's position on the issue.


The Hamas leadership, led by Yehya as-Sinwar, issued a statement warning the Israeli occupation state and its allies of any delay in lifting the siege on Gaza and fulfilling the agreements reached in this regard, as well as any attempt to obstruct the rehabilitation work.


“Our great people and resistance will not be silent at all, and the enemy will realize that we are prepared for any alternative and will resist with all means at our disposal,” Hamas stated.

“The enemy's extortion and arm-twisting policy will fail, and we will not tolerate any attempt to pressurize our people or mix up the files,” Hamas declared, adding that “the detainees are in exchange.”


The UN's connivance with the Israeli occupation by keeping it off its list of shame was also blasted in the statement, as was the UN's peace envoy's supporting attitude toward Israel.


“The United Nations is an international political and humanitarian body charged with attaining peace and assisting peoples who are under occupation, rather than conspiring with and supporting an occupying power against a helpless people exposed to various types of extortion and siege.” Hamas is being emphasized.


The statement urged the UN Secretary-General to support Palestinians, uphold hundreds of international decisions in their favor, and work toward requiring Israel, as an occupying power, to follow international law.

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