Tawjihi (high school) exam

Over 84 thousand students will take the Tawjihi (high school) exam in Palestine tomorrow

Over 84 thousand students will take the Tawjihi (high school) exam in Palestine tomorrow

Tawjihi (high school) exam

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The Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday  the completion of all preparations  to hold the high school exam tomorrow morning Thursday, in all parts of the country, including Jerusalem, the northern (West Bank) and southern (Gaza Strip) governorates and Palestinian schools abroad. 

84,598 students will go to take the exam, distributed among 896 halls.

The "Education" announced that the total number of workers is about 25,000, distributed among observers, correctors, administrators, technicians and exam workers.

The Ministry confirmed its readiness to hold the exam despite the challenges and effects imposed by the Coronavirus scene and the recent aggression on Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip throughout the country.



It  stated that the experience of Palestine last year provided an inspiring role model. 

This confirms that this experience establishes an integrative work in which the Ministry’s efforts have joined forces with official, civil and international institutions to maintain this exam, its quality and standards.


It indicated that the examination is organized according to the rules of the health protocol ,and taking into account the standards of physical distancing ,prevention ,and safety for students and exam staff alike.

It stated that the exam is based on the principle of justice and equal opportunities in order to ensure comprehensive quality standards in the entire procedures of this exam.


Besides, It wished the students success ,and remind school students including, high school students ,who rose as martyrs during the recent aggression of the occupation against Jerusalem, Gaza and various parts of the country. 

At the same time ,it renewed her pride in the efforts of the children of the educational corps for their efforts ,and follow-up in order to make the examination a success as planned.

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