Gaza crossings

Israel begins to facilitate movement at the crossing points with Gaza Strip

 Israel  begins to facilitate movement at the crossing points with Gaza Strip

Gaza crossings

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Gaza post


Israel on Monday eased the tightened blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and began to facilitate the movement at the crossing points with the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Civil Affairs Authority announced, in a statement, a set of measures that would facilitate the movement of Palestinian citizens and goods in the Gaza Strip as of Monday morning.

 The statement said that what will be done as of today is to allow the stranded residents of the Gaza Strip to return to Jordan through the Erez crossing, and to return incoming and outgoing mail freely.

 It added that it would allow the export of all agricultural products and the production of sewing factories to the West Bank and Israel.

 Head of the civil affairs authorities, Hussein Al-Sheikh, said, "What was allowed today, we hope, will be a prelude to completely lifting the siege on our people in Gaza."

Al-sheikh called on the Israeli government to open the Gaza Strip crossings for individuals and goods, to allow import and export to and from the Gaza Strip, and to release all goods seized in Israeli ports.

The Palestinian Presidential Committee for Coordination and Entry of Goods into Gaza confirmed that the Israeli authorities allowed the transfer of vegetables to the West Bank or abroad, in addition to specific quantities of clothing through the Kerem Shalom crossing in the southern Gaza Strip.

 Kerem Shalom crossing is the only commercial passage between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

 Israel closed the Kerem Shalom (commercial) and Erez (individual) crossings on May 10 and partially reopened them for humanitarian cases after the ceasefire reached on May 21 between Israel and Gaza militants.

After reaching a ceasefire, the Israeli ban on exports and the entry of various goods into Gaza continued, which severely paralyzed the industrial and economic movement.

 According to Palestinian sources, Cairo is leading a movement to stabilize the truce and intensify its efforts to find a solution to the recent humanitarian crises in the Gaza Strip.

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