Israeli Crimes

Palestinian forced to destroy his enterprise in Jerusalem

Palestinian destroys his house by his hands

Palestinian destroys his house by his hands

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Gaza post


Israeli occupation forces ordered a Palestinian to dismantle his business in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Mukabbir today.

Local sources stated that the Israeli municipality compelled Mos‘ab Ja‘abees to demolish his own commercial building in order to avoid paying expensive demolition expenses if the Jerusalem municipality did it alone.


Israel often demolishes houses in occupied Jerusalem under the guise of illegal construction to limit Palestinian growth.

Simultaneously, the municipality and government construct tens of thousands of dwelling units for Jews in illegal settlements in East Jerusalem in order to balance the population in favor of Jewish residents in the seized city.


Palestinians in East Jerusalem, which is part of the internationally recognized Palestinian Territory and has been under Israeli military occupation since 1967, are denied citizenship and are instead classified as "residents" whose permits can be revoked if they leave the city for more than a few years.


They face discrimination in many aspects of life, including housing, jobs, and services, and they are unable to access services in the West Bank due to Israel's separation wall development.

According to a research by the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem, the Israeli High Court could be held accountable for war crimes for actions that resulted in Palestinians being evicted from their homes.


The report, Fake Justice, demonstrates that the court's support for Israeli planning policy equates to support for Palestinian dispossession and forcible transfer, which is considered a war crime under international law.