Yehya Sinwar

Sinwar: "Victory is closer due to courageous resistance "

Yehya Sinwar

Yehya Sinwar

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Gaza post


  Yehya Sinwar, Hamas leader in Gaza announced on Sunday during a conference of Palestinian clans and dignitaries that victory is near due to the valiant resistance.


Sinwar  emphathised to Palestinian people at the conference that they were the ones ,who created victory by enduring oppression ,hunger, seige, destruction and embracing the resistance over the past years.


He responed one of the dignataries ,who wished to have a grave in Jerusalem as, "you will have a palace not a grave in our occupied land ,and Jerusalem ,God willing"


He said, " Iam sure that many of you ,who have reached a very old age will have the the spirit of youth in them on the day of Great March ,and they will race for Kalashnikovs."


Sinwar concluded his speech by saying, "We will pray soon at the liberated Al Aqsa Mosque".