Firing Rockets from Gaza

Israeli News: Hamas will not hesitate to resume firing rockets soon

Israeli News: Hamas will not hesitate to resume firing rockets soon

Qassam missiles

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Israeli military sources stated  on Saturday that Hamas will not hesitate in the near term to resume firing rockets, as a result of the lack of any progress in the contacts aimed at consolidating the truce.


Military correspondent for the site, Amir Bakhbout, announced that there are no doubts among the leaders of the occupation army and the intelligence service that Hamas will eventually realize that "Israel" is determined to change the equation and the mechanism for conducting negotiations, and that it will continue to respond to any attack; From launching incendiary balloons to missiles.



However, he added, " Hamas does not intend to bargain, but rather will insist on the file of the prisoner exchange deal, as well as the file of money transfer."

He said, "The Palestinian factions are ready for any friction, and they will not hesitate to move from launching balloons and demonstrations at the separation fence to launching rockets."


He concluded that the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, ordered preparations for a new round of fighting in the Gaza Strip that will last for days, as well as increase the readiness of the Iron Dome batteries.

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