Receive one million vaccines from Israel

Al-Kila: A Palestinian agreement with “Pfizer” to receive one million vaccines from Israel as of today

Al-Kila: A Palestinian agreement with “Pfizer” to receive one million vaccines from Israel as of today

Mai Al kaila

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 Extension of work in vaccination centers until 10 at night, seven days a week


Minister of Health Mai Al-Kaila announced on Friday that the government has reached an agreement with the American company “Pfizer” that produces the most famous vaccine against the Corona virus, to start delivering one million doses from Israel, starting today.


The government had earlier agreed with "Pfizer" to buy 4 million doses, but the American company said that it would not be able to start delivering the order before October or November of this year.


 Al-Kaila told Wafa: "Under the pressure of the Palestinian government to deliver the vaccines as soon as possible so that we can arrange a normal return to schools and universities, and reopen the economy, Pfizer suggested that we immediately deliver one million doses, surplus to Israel, to be deducted from the Palestinian order."  


 she added, "We agreed to the proposal in principle, while making sure of the validity period of all vaccines and the number and name of the production mixture from the American company, and tripartite negotiations began between us, the American company and the Israeli government until an agreement was reached."


 During the negotiations, the Palestinian government rejected two Israeli conditions, the first is that the agreement not be signed in the name of the State of Palestine, as is the case in the contract with the American company, and the second is that none of these vaccines be allocated to the Gaza Strip.


 "The agreement was signed in the name of the State of Palestine, in conformity with the contract signed with Pfizer, and until yesterday (Thursday), we informed the Israelis that we had given up all the doses because they stipulated that we not supply Gaza with part of it, but today they returned and agreed to the agreement without any conditions," Al-Kaila said.


 Al-Kaila confirmed that the issue “is not an agreement with Israel, but with the American company Pfizer, as we have already paid the price of 4 million doses, and the doses that we will receive from Israel are part of our order.”


 The Minister of Health announced that the Ministry will start receiving the one million doses from today (as it will receive 50,000 doses today), and start directly injecting them to the citizens.


 "We will intensify vaccination campaigns starting today, as we raised the readiness of vaccination centers to 60,000 per day, and they will remain open until ten at night, all days of the week, including Friday and Saturday," she said.



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