Israeli Crimes

Bedouin families displaced by IOF near Ramallah

Bedouin families displaced by IOF near Ramallah


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Gaza post


 Israeli occupation forces demolished and confiscated tents for Palestinian families in a nomadic Bedouin community near the hamlet of Taibe, northeast of Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, according to local sources.

A big Israeli army force attacked the community, demolished the tents, and took all of the Bedouins' property, according to Fares Kaabneh, a local activist.


According to him, the tents that were dismantled served as a shelter for two families totaling 15 people.

It was not the first time that Israeli occupation soldiers dismantled tents in the community, according to Kaabneh. Residents would rebuild their tents in the region every time the Israeli occupation removed tents, he observed.


He stated that the tents were dismantled as part of a larger Israeli strategy intended at displacing all of the area's Bedouin communities in favor of the Israeli colonial settlement project.



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