One of them was injured in the neck

Watch| Over 20 injured ,one of them seriously during clashes in Beita, south of Nablus

Clashes in Nablus

Clashes in Nablus

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Palestinians were wounded including 15 with live bullets one of them in the neck described as serious ,3 with a metal-coated ,3 others with bruises ,and dozens suffocated with gas during clashes on Friday between citizens and the occupation forces in Jabal Sabih in the town of Beita ,south of Nablus.



The director of ambulance and emergency at the Palestinian Red Crescent in Nablus ,Ahmed Jibril, stated that the crescent crews transported 15 wounded with live bullets ,one of them seriously to the hospital for treatment during the clashes in the mountain area.




The people marched towards the mountain in an event called by the Factional Coordination Committee in Nablus ,the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee ,the institutions ,and activities of Beita ,Yatma ,Qabal and the Popular Resistance Committees to reject settlements in Jabal Sabih.




Mount Sabih witnesses almost daily confrontations between the residents and the occupation forces, refusing to set up a settlement outpost under the protection of the occupation on the mountain nearly two weeks ago. Moreover, the death of the two young men, Issa Barham and Zakaria Hamayel, and dozens injured.