IOF left him bleeding until death

A Palestinian shot dead by undercover Israeli soldiers

Ahmad Jamil Fahd

Ahmad Jamil Fahd

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Undercover Israeli forces on Tuesday dawn  killed a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank city of al-Bireh, according to local sources.

Undercover Israeli forces, known as Mista'arvim, sneaked their way into Umm Al Sharayet neighborhood, where they attacked and shot a young man who was Ahmad Jamil Fahd, and left him bleeding to death while the Mista'arvim forces were carrying out arrests in the area.

Director of the Palestine Medical Complex, Ahmad al-Bitawi, confirmed that that body of Fahd 

 resident of Am'ari refugee camp, east of Ramallah city, was rushed to the medical facility, where medics announced him dead.

The killing of Fahd came several hours following the killing of a 17-year-old teen by Israeli occupation near the French Hill colonial settlement in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Israeli police fired multiple gunshots towards Zuhdi al-Tawil several times near the tram stop after he purportedly carried out a stabbing attack, killing him.

The killings came following weeks of simmering tensions, clashes and sweeping detention raids across the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, Palestinian towns ,and cities in Israel, with tensions mounting over the Israeli occupation authorities’ decision to ban people from sitting on the stairs outside Bab al-Amoud, encroachments upon al-Aqsa Mosque compound, including settler intrusions during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.

The tensions further escalated after forced expulsions of Palestinian families from their houses in Sheikh Jarrah and the 11-day Israeli onslaught on Gaza, which killed some 280 Palestinians, including 70 children and 40 women, and wounded over 8,500 others and brought widespread devastation to the already impoverished strip, which triggered a general strike in the occupied territories and inside the Palestinian towns and cities in Israel.