Ceasefire period almost done

Palestinian resistances send threatening message to Tel Aviv

Palestinian resistances

Palestinian resistances

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An Arab newspaper stated on Monday that the Palestinian resistance factions sent a strong-language threatening message to the Israeli occupation via the Egyptian mediator.

The Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper announced that the resistance factions conveyed a strongly worded message to the Egyptian mediator, which clarifies that the period that was given to ihold the cease-fire its close to end without any respect from the enemy or abiding its obligations.


Palestinian factions emphasized that "this matter will push the resistance to escalate again, stressing that the attempt to impose any new equations by the occupation on Gaza has become behind the emergence of the Palestinians."


While the message included a clear threat that any attack on the Strip will be responded to at the same level, especially in light of the attempt by parties of the entity to impose a new equation regarding the launch of incendiary missiles and balloons.


The newspaper reported, "The Egyptians responded by saying that they sent a warning to Tel Aviv against carrying out assassinations against the leaders of the resistance, especially during the period of talks sponsored by Cairo with the support of US President Joe Biden."

With regard to the continued closure of the Gaza Strip and sea crossings, and the delay in repairing the power lines feeding the Strip, the Egyptians pledged to the factions that this problem would be resolved within days.


Besides, the resistance indicated that these issues are outside the framework of the ceasefire talks, and that the intransigence of the occupation in them will lead to the failure of the efforts undertaken by Cairo.