Destroying Al_Jalaa' tower is a massacre

IOF destroys 33 media institutions & attacks 170 journalists during war on Gaza

IOF destroys 33 media institutions & attacks 170 journalists during war on Gaza

War on Gaza

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The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate revealed on Friday that the Israeli occupation warplanes destroyed 33 media institutions and injured 170 journalists, during its recent aggression on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.


Head of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, Nasser Abu Bakr, stated that "What has been counted so far is the destruction of the headquarters of 33 media institutions in Gaza.



He added that journalist Yousef Abu Hussein was killed in an Israeli bombardment of his home in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Bakr clarified that more than 170 journalists Palestinians were wounded during the aggression , 70 of them in the Gaza Strip, and about 100 were injured following the attacks of the occupation in the West Bank Western and occupied Jerusalem.

He announced that most of the injuries were hit with tear gas in the West Bank, and shrapnel from shelling in Gaza, without detailing the extent of their severity.

He stated that the Syndicate in cooperation with international journalists is preparing a complete file of the occupation crimes against journalists in the aggression on the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem, in order to submit it to the International Criminal Court.

Abu Bakr explained that preparing the file "takes several months to be complete legally.

He stated, "The Syndicate had previously submitted a similar file to the International Criminal Court last year, but the court procedures are long and complicated."

He described what happened against the media as a "massacre" adding that the occupation "committed terrorist acts in order to obscure the truth of its crimes." Last Saturday, the occupation bombed the "Al_Jalaa' tower" ,which consisted of 11 floors in Gaza ,and includes the headquarters of "Al-Jazeera Network" and the "Associated Press", which led to its collapse.


On Monday, Reporters Without Borders called on the International Criminal Court to conduct an investigation into the Israeli bombing that targeted the tower as a "possible war crime."

Since April 13, the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories has exploded as a result of "brutal" attacks committed by the Israeli police and settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings and the "Sheikh Jarrah" neighborhood, following Israeli efforts to evacuate forcely 12 Palestinian families and hand them over to settlers, Then the escalation turned into a bombing of the Gaza Strip on May 10.

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