We have sufficient preparedness and equipment to strike Israel

Iraqi Hezbollah says ready to directly fight Israeli regime

Iraqi Hezbollah says ready to directly fight Israeli regime

Iraqi Hezbollah

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Nasr al-Shammari, the deputy secretary-general and spokesman of Iraq's Al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement, said in a statement released by Hezbollah Nujaba's Public Relations Department, "We are ready to enter a direct battle with the Zionist regime in favor of Palestine.


" We believe it is our Christian obligation to assist the Palestinian resistance, and we will act as soon as possible.


"Iraq's Al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement is ready to cooperate on all fronts against the Zionist dictatorship if it receives an official request from Palestinian resistance groups," Al-Shammari continued, adding, "Palestine is their land, and we can't enter their struggle without coordination and official invitation."


The spokesman stated of Syria's occupied Golan Heights: "We have sufficient preparedness and equipment to strike deep into the occupied regions and inflict terrible blows on the Zionist foe. However, the residents of that region must also agree."


He went on to say that, "Our wish is to participate in anti-Zionist operations, and if necessary, we will be present in Lebanon or the Golan Heights or Gaza."

The Iraqi Hezbollah Nujaba official further pointed out "As a resistance group, we are hopeful and ready to actively take part in this battle with our weapons that reach deep into the occupied territories." With regard to the ongoing conflict between Palestinian resistance and the Israeli regime in Gaza and West Bank, Al-Shammari said that "The ongoing conflict regardless of whether it ends with a ceasefire or not, has changed the previous equations and the Zionists are no longer safe in the occupied territories.

This conflict was the beginning of the decline of Israel. He expressed certainty that the armed resistance will spread to the entire occupied territories as it is already underway in Gaza. Meanwhile, the Hezbollah al-Nujaba told MNA few days ago on May 17 that the Iraqi resistance forces will spare no efforts in support of the Palestinian resistance. Shammari added that the Iraqi resistance is ready to support the Palestinian resistance in the form of weapons supplies and the transfer of experience or in the form of direct participation in the fight against the usurping regime of Israel.

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