More than 130 pieces of news since the beginning of the violence

Tireless work of the Jerusalem delegation during the new military escalation

 Tireless work of the Jerusalem delegation during the new military escalation

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The EFE delegation in Jerusalem has been working intensively since May 10, reporting on the new military escalation between Israel and the Palestinian militias in Gaza, a topic that has focused international information in all the media.


With more than 130 pieces of news since the beginning of the violence, EFE has set the standard for information in Spanish on the ground, thanks to the tireless work, effort and talent of the team formed by Laura Fernández Palomo, Pablo Duer and Joan Mas Autonell. All three have provided fast, rigorous and quality information, in addition to taking care of feeding the EFE television service with videos, making reports to the camera and radio reports.


The chronicles of our collaborator Saud Abu Ramadan from within Gaza have raised the quality of EFE's information service with first-hand testimonies, a work that has helped the agency make a difference. Saud had to vacate his office in the early days of Israel's air offensive in the face of the threat that the building would be bombed. Since then he has fulfilled his job amid great difficulties, internet outages, communication problems and debris, as the foundations of his home shook from the intense attacks. Alix Rubio, administrative in Jerusalem and always ready to lend a hand, was once again the logistical support that the delegation needed in such a difficult coverage, assuming production and management tasks. It is worth noting the good work of Laura, editorial coordinator in Jerusalem, who, due to the absence of a delegate, took charge of the coverage, organized it, set the pace with urgent and advances, and was able to analyze the complex dynamics behind this new escalation to anticipate events.



Our colleagues have not only shown great professionalism, but also dedication and commitment despite the danger, accumulated fatigue, lack of sleep and the endless days without departure time. But they have also shown journalistic flair, since our team had been covering the protests at the Damascus Gate and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem for weeks, in which the growing tension between Arabs and Jews that has crystallized in these days was already sensed. climbing.


The first days of coverage were the most difficult, as the news spots multiplied across Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Parallel to the offensive in Gaza, violence between Arabs and Jews erupted in mixed cities such as Lod and Haiffa, and tension rose throughout Jerusalem.

The confusion and difficulties in confirming data with the haste required by the agency has been another challenge in coverage. However, the EFE team in Jerusalem knew how to maintain prudence in the early morning of May 14, when the Army confusedly announced the start of a ground offensive in Gaza. Many international media wrongly interpreted that Israeli troops were undertaking an incursion into the strip, a failure that EFE did not commit.


Having Saud within the enclave allowed us to corroborate and contrast the official information to offer rigorous and accurate information.

Despite the difficulties and high demands of the daily agency work, Pablo and Joan have also taken care in these days to attend to the numerous requests for live connections from important clients, such as Telemundo in the US, Televisa or Radio Imagen in Mexico or Channel 33 of Chile, among others, helping to position EFE as a benchmark for information in Spanish in the Middle East.

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