More Massacres in Gaza

Palestinian presidency condemns Israeli massacre in al-Shati refugee camp

Palestinian presidency condemns Israeli massacre in al-Shati refugee camp

Gaza under fire

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The  palestinian presidency condemned the Israeli massacre which killed an entire family in al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza early on Saturday  morning , describing it as a crime that cannot be tolerated.

The presidency  issued a press statement held the Israeli authorities fully responsible for the consequences of its ongoing war committed against Palestinians for 73 years now, the latest of which was the wiping out of an entire family, including eight children.

It criticized any statements giving Israel the right to defend itself as an incitement to continued killing, and a green light to the attack on Gaza and the continuing forced expulsion and displacement of civilances and destruction of properties, stressing that such statements encourage violence and extremism against the Palestinian people.

The presidency emphathised the need for the international community, led by the UN Security Council and the International Quartet, to intervene and provide protection to the Palestinian people who are being subjected to Israel’s brutal aggression.

It called the international community to pressure Israel to stop  immediately its aggression against the Palestinian people and to begin serious work to end the Israeli occupation and implement the international legitimacy resolutions.

 It stated that there will be no peace nor security for anyone without an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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