Gaza under attack

Hundreds of homes and buildings destroyed or damaged in Gaza

Hundreds of homes and buildings destroyed or damaged in Gaza

Gaza under attack

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According to the Gaza government press office, Israel's aggression against Gaza, which began on Monday, has resulted in significant financial losses as well as widespread destruction of infrastructure, houses, and services.


During the ongoing Israeli aggression, over 500 homes, apartment complexes, and residential buildings were completely or partially destroyed, and another 1,000 housing units were moderately or slightly damaged, according to statistics released by the press office.

Israeli airstrikes reduced two massive residential complexes to ruins.


The offices of 12 media outlets were located in one of the demolished buildings.

52 government buildings, including defense and utility facilities, were destroyed in Gaza as a result of the aerial attacks. In addition, seven schools, a number of primary health care clinics, and a water desalination plant in northern Gaza were completely destroyed or damaged to varying degrees.

Animal farms, cultivated swaths of land, wells, irrigation networks, paved roads, and various facilities such as electricity distribution transformers, water and sanitation networks were also destroyed by warplanes.

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