Normalisation relations with Israel

UAE & Bahrain condemn Israel despite normalization relations between them

Israeli crimes

Israeli crimes

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Gaza post


The United Arab Emirates, which normalized relations with Israel last year and has had warm relations with the country so far, expressed "strong concern"  on Saturday about the violence in Jerusalem.


It denounced the “storming of the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli authorities,” as well as attempts to expel East Jerusalem residents. Israel must secure Palestinians' right to practice their faith, according to Abu Dhabi.


Israel had a "responsibility for de-escalation," it said, and it was urged to "end all attacks and activities that contribute to continued conflict." Bahrain, which formed diplomatic relations with Israel last year as part of the Abraham Accords, condemned Israel's actions on the Temple Mount, saying it must "stop these rejected provocations against the citizens of Jerusalem, and seek to prevent its powers from assaulting worshipers during this holy month."


The widespread clashes and riots in the Al-Aqsa compound followed prayers held there on the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In a legal battle being fought in Israel's Supreme Court, the Gulf nation also denounced the "Israeli attempt to expel the people of Jerusalem from their homes," referring to the situation in the Sheikh Jarrah area, where over 70 Palestinian residents are threatened with eviction and may be replaced by right-wing Jewish nationalists.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with top security officials on Saturday to assess the situation. In a tweet, Netanyahu said, "We are acting responsibly to ensure law and order in Jerusalem while ensuring freedom of worship at the holy sites."