Chinese missile

Chinese missile flies over Palestine at this hour

Chinese missile flies over Palestine at this hour

Chinese missile

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Gaza post


The fragments of the Chinese VZ-5B missile are expected to hit the Earth between Saturday and Monday next week, and it is currently at an altitude of 196 kilometers, traveling at a pace approaching 28 thousand kilometers per hour, and will be tracked by various competent authorities.


The southern Negev region is the only part of Palestine that is in the missile's direction, and the Chinese missile will fly over the southern Negev sky again at 05:50 a.m. next Saturday.


The missile, which is 30 meters long and weighs 21 tons, has been returned to the Chinese Space Agency, and the Chinese Space Agency has lost control of the missile's central floor, which means it will fall and crash.


If the missile explodes, the majority of the debris will be burned in the atmosphere, with just a few fragments reaching the Earth's surface.

This case is similar to those that did not have disastrous consequences and resulted in no injuries or damages, so there is no need to be concerned.


The probability of the load dropping into the seas and oceans remains higher due to the fact that water bodies are much greater than land, accounting for 71 percent of total land area.


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