Media Forum condemns arrest of journalist Hassan El Najjar by the security services

Mahmoud Abbas and Hassan Alnajjar

Mahmoud Abbas and Hassan Alnajjar

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The Forum of Palestinian Media Professionals said that it was following with great gravity the arrest of Palestinian security forces by journalist Hassan El Najjar, who had called the house of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas 3 weeks ago to complain about his dismissal from Palestinian television, where he was news director, and that he was flouting his continued detention for several weeks, and the Journalists' Union ignored it, reflecting an obvious duplication in defending the freedom of media professionals and guaranteeing their rights.


According to the journalist's father, his 33-year-old son has been detained in Ramallah for more than 25 days, "adding: "My son worked on Palestinian television for nine years, and almost four years ago there was a disagreement with the Director-General of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, Ahmed Assaf. He accused my son of bad talk. He punished him for taking him to the offices of Palestine Television in Qalqilia, northern West Bank.


According to a Palestinian journalist from Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority media refused to publish anything about the Najjar case for fear of punishing Palestinian security forces, and the Najjar clan, based in the town of Yatta near Hebron, failed to convince Palestinian media organizations to publish calls for Abbas to help her son.


The Forum expressed concern at the arrest of his colleague Al-Najjar by Palestinian security and called for his immediate release in accordance with international and humanitarian laws and customs, as well as local laws affirming freedom of information and the protection of journalists, as well as the Decree on the Protection and Promotion of Freedoms issued by the President of the Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, as part of setting the stage for the recently postponed elections.


He stressed that the journalists' union's disregard for the arrest of a fellow carpenter reflected its selectivity and duplication in dealing with violations against journalists, which highlighted the urgent need to restore the union's consideration, and to launch its election train to enable journalists to choose their representatives in order to have a strong professional union that protected and defended journalists, regardless of any other considerations.


The Forum, the Palestinian Media Knights, called for their rights to be taken away by a union that held them and defended them without discrimination, calling on media organizations to continue their role, and for their pressure to ensure that the Union was reformed in order to break with the partisanship that had displaced the press and dispersed Palestinian journalists.