Palestinian source reveals to Arab newspaper President Abbas's decisions on Gaza Strip and officials of Authority

Palestinian source reveals to Arab newspaper President Abbas's decisions on Gaza Strip and officials of Authority

President Mahmoud Abbas

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A Palestinian Fatah source has revealed that President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to take several decisions concerning the Gaza Strip and Palestinian Authority staff, following the indefinite postponement of the elections.


In its issue on Wednesday, Lebanese News reported that: "President Abbas considers himself not interested in holding elections at least until the end of this year, or the middle of next year, even if he has the written approval of the occupation to hold elections in the city of East Jerusalem, which remains unlikely until the formation of a new Israeli Government, either currently or after the fifth election.


The source continued: "As Abbas has no intention of rearranging Fatah from within, after a series of disagreements, defections and dismissal of members of the Central Committee; Emphasizing that they are the head of the Authority for the punishment of all persons who have come out on separate lists, or who have lined up with Mohamed Dahlan or with Nasser Al-Qudwa and Marwan Al-Barghouti, he added that Al-Qudwa would not be returned to the Fatah Central Committee before an apology to Abbas, and pledged not to depart from the official list of the movement in any future elections.


He went on: "The President's next steps include the activation of pressure and arrests against Hamas elements in the West Bank to prevent the escalation of events on the ground, after the President asked his advisers to submit a new plan to pressure the movement into accepting the cancellation of the elections."


He noted that President Abbas's steps had not ceased until after the elections, but had reached the point where he had personally attended the Cabinet meeting held in Ramallah yesterday, and had asked Government President Mohamed Ashteh to freeze part of the recent decisions to reduce sanctions against the Gaza Strip, as well as to stop every step that would increase the bill for spending on the Strip, including stopping the stabilization of the 2005 releases.


On another level, the President had discussed the European Union's continued freezing of transfers of funds and assistance to the Palestinian Authority, which had affected the Authority's ability to pay more than 70,000 poor families receiving assistance from Brussels through the Palestinian Ministry of Social Development. The President will therefore send a message calling on the Europeans to honour their pledges.

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