Mounted archery

In Gaza, First team of mounted archers takes aim

In Gaza, First team of mounted archers takes aim

Gaza Strip

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Mounted archery is a difficult skill to acquire. It helped Genghis Khan's Mongol army conquer most of Asia centuries ago, and it is now used in niche competitions.


As a small group of young mounted archers pulled back their bows and let their arrows fly at a moving mark, their hoofs pounded the ground and kicked up dust clouds. The majority of them were unsuccessful.

Mohammad Abu Musaed, who is preparing the first team of horseback archers in the Gaza Strip, a blockaded coastal enclave with a population of two million, believes they can improve.



Abu Musaed, 40, wants to put together a team that can perform on a global level, and he has already

enlisted the help of a few people.


After a few more attempts, all five Palestinian riders were successful in hitting the goal.



"I want to revive this sport and inspire young people to participate in it because it helps them release negative energy," Abu Musaed told Reuters.

He constructs the team's bows from wood, carbon fibers, and glue. He also adorns them with animal horns.



In Gaza, there are several hundred horseback riders, but only a handful have dared to attempt archery so far.

The task, according to Abu Musaid, is to remain calm and concentrated when riding a galloping horse.


Muhannad Abu Musaed, a fifteen-year-old team member, said he enjoyed shooting arrows while riding.

"Once you've done it, you'll want to do it again," he said.
According to "Reuters".


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